Design Ideas: U-Shaped Kitchen

Benefits of the U-Shaped Kitchen Design

U-shaped kitchens are useful and versatile, adapting to any size room but providing the most effective layout in larger spaces. They are designed in a ‘U’ shape that surrounds you with benchtops on three sides and opens out to what is generally the living space on one end. As one of the most common kitchen layouts, it is popular for its ample cooking space and efficiency, but these benefits often depend on the size of the room.

U Shaped Kitchen


Advantages & Disadvantages

The U-shaped kitchen is designed to be user friendly and highly efficient. It relies on the classic concept of the ‘working triangle’ by having sinks, ovens, refrigerators and other main appliances close to each other. The U-shaped kitchen design is often considered the most efficient floor plan because of this tight working triangle.

It also allows for more sociable cooking, as more than one cook can operate at a time, and if one side of the “U” is used as an island benchtop, people can cook and entertain without fuss.  Having benchtops on three sides offers more areas to prepare food or place appliances, making it highly accessible and easy to use.

On the flipside of this, having cupboards and benches on three sides can reduce floor area and make the room feel cramped. Too much floor space and the work stations are too far apart, too little and the spaces can feel too enclosed. The U-shaped kitchen layout can also make corner cabinets tricky to get into, especially in smaller areas.

To avoid these drawbacks with your own U-shaped kitchen ideas, here are some basic guidelines for the design:

  • Ensure the three sides are not too far away from each other (unless there’s going to be an island in the centre of the kitchen)
  • The room should be at least 10 feet wide for the U-shaped design to be its most efficient
  • Incorporating a kitchen island keeps cooking social and can also open up the design
  • Be careful with corner cabinets, utilise them only as a means to store seldom used items


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Design Ideas: L-Shaped Kitchen

Top 3 Benefits of the L-shaped Kitchen

As the use of separate dining rooms has declined, L-shaped kitchens have become increasingly popular. Often large enough to allow several people to cook a meal, but still have room for a dining area, L-shaped kitchen designs are very open and spacious. Ideal for small to medium spaces, and can offer ample bench space and storage without taking up the entirety of a room. Here are the top 3 advantages of having an L-shaped kitchen layout in your home.

l shaped kitchen

Efficient Setup

L-shaped kitchens have work stations set out on two different walls, meaning you don’t have to walk far when accessing different utensils while preparing a meal. This design plays in to the ‘working triangle’ concept of kitchen planning, which suggests the most efficient kitchens allow you to move easily between key places like your sink, oven, and refrigerator. As such, L-shaped kitchen ideas are a great proponent of organised and efficient cooking.

Easy Access

Tucked into corners and usually with two open ends, L-shaped kitchen designs allow for easy access to appliances and cooking materials. This means people can move freely through the space without much disruption, which is very beneficial for entertaining guests while preparing food.

Open Plan Layout

The L-shaped kitchen is perfect for open plan living as it uses only two walls and creates a naturally open space. In designs for modern homes there is often a great emphasis on spaciousness as opposed to cramped or cluttered living spaces. L-shaped kitchen layouts are an ideal way to open the kitchen area up to another room, such as the living or dining room. As mentioned, this easy access makes it easy to entertain but it can also be great for making meals relaxed and easy.


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Design Ideas: Single-Walled Kitchen

Top 3 Benefits of a Single-Wall Kitchen

The single-wall kitchen design is now a popular first choice for those looking for a sleek and modern alternative to traditional, big kitchen layouts. Although once seen as the cheap and unattractive option, one-wall kitchen designs have come to be recognised for their efficiency and potential for seamless integration.

If you are struggling to find the right kitchen plan for your home, the single-wall kitchen layout provides a range of advantages that might fit your desired living space. Here are just three of the greatest benefits one-wall kitchen designs offer.

Single Wall Kitchen

Conserves Space

Single-wall or one-wall kitchens are excellent space savers. When well-planned, they make everything in the kitchen within easy reach. All work areas — including the sink, refrigerator, and oven — are along the same wall, leaving ample room for your dining area. You can make the most of your wall by installing other features (like cabinets) above the benchtop for added storage

Provides Efficient Storage

One-wall kitchens are enhanced by the amount of additional storage they provide. Overhead cabinets, deep pull-out drawers, and other features optimise not only the amount of storage available, but the efficiency of the kitchen layout. Modern one-wall kitchen ideas often rely on different ways of accessing kitchen appliances or tools, which are sometimes more effective than traditional methods of storage like cupboards and drawers

Inexpensive to Construct

The single-wall kitchen is significantly cheaper to install versus the popular galley or island-focused layouts, as it only requires one bank of cabinets and a solitary benchtop. Using a flatpack DIY kitchen from Aussie Cut can greatly reduce the costs of your home renovation, as well as being relatively easy to install. Utilising affordable materials (such as Laminex stone-effect benchtops instead of solid marble or granite) can also help to achieve the same ‘upmarket’ look as more expensive kitchens, but at a budget-friendly price.


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Design Ideas: The Galley Kitchen

The Benefits of the Galley Kitchen Design

Galley kitchen designs work like a corridor, where appliances are to one side and counter space to the other, leaving room for people to walk and work in the middle. Ideal for long and narrow spaces, the galley kitchen is a functional design that has everything in the kitchen close at hand. Providing ample area for cabinets and benchtop space, it is a popular contemporary choice for many chefs. The galley kitchen can offer a wide range of benefits to your home and living space, but it also has its limitations.

Galley Kitchen

Making the Most of Your Space

As with any design, the galley kitchen layout has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefit of a galley kitchen is that it makes full use of vertical space by using wall cabinets and shelving units to offer more storage. Making it an excellent working kitchen, with plenty of easy access to appliances and utensils. This is why the galley kitchen design makes preparing food stress free, as there is no need to move around a lot.

The downside to this accessibility is that in smaller spaces it can be a narrow area for more than one person to cook in. Depending on how much room you have available for your kitchen, small galley kitchen designs can restrict working space and limit room for a dining area. Galley kitchen ideas are perfect for small families or couples, but may not offer the best choice for larger groups of people.

Whatever your situation, here are some potential ways you could make the most of a galley kitchen design:

  • Use the ‘work triangle’ philosophy, keeping the sink opposite preparation areas and near to the fridge
  • Maximise natural light in the kitchen area to offer an inviting, open feeling
  • Use neutral to light colours in the kitchen design to make it feel larger than it is
  • If you use high wall cabinets, ensure there is sufficient task lighting underneath for the benchtop areas


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Wallet-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

As constantly demonstrated by the popular home improvement and lifestyle shows dominating our TVs, seemingly simple renovations can make the world of difference to your home.  If your kitchen is looking a little drab or worse for wear because you haven’t changed anything in a while, there are heaps of ways to freshen up the space at a lower cost than you might think!

In order to maximise the effectiveness of budget kitchen renovations, focus on the parts of your kitchen that you feel require the most work – it may be one large area (like bench tops), or just a few key elements (like drawer pulls or handles).

Here are some of Aussie Cut’s ideas that are designed to help you become inspired to perform some exciting kitchen renovations on a budget.

  1. A fresh paint job is a sure way to lift the whole look of a room. So if your kitchen paintwork or wall covering is peeling away, or you no longer like the colour scheme, why not try a feature wall. By choosing a contrast shade to the rest of the space, this will instantly give your kitchen a brand new feel without having to spend hours going over each surface with a paint brush.
    l-shaped kitchen
  2. For a more comprehensive kitchen makeover that is still affordable, why not upgrade your existing bench top to a sturdier Laminex style?laminex benchtop example
  3. Another larger-scale option is to update your cabinet panels that may be old or worn out. If you don’t want to replace them completely, try replacing the handles and pulls with something that has a modern, eye-catching finish.flat-pack-modern-kitchen
  4. Finally, one of the best cheap ways to upgrade your kitchen is to change up some of the more minor details and trimmings. A new pendant light over an island counter will breathe new life into the space, and many can be easily changed to suit seasonality or newer

Whichever way you choose to tackle kitchen makeovers on a budget, you can rely on Aussie Cut to provide quality, made-to-measure, kitchen cabinets and board materials for your individual needs.

Things to Consider When Planning a Built-In Wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe can be a great investment that makes clothing storage so much simpler to manage. No one wants to be tripping over piles of clothes that don’t fit into a chest of drawers, or desperately rummaging for the perfect outfit when they’re in a hurry. Planning out and building custom made wardrobes can be a blessing for many busy people — after all, if you have your wardrobe under control, it leaves more time for you to concentrate on other aspects of your life.

Custom building your own wardrobe storage solutions can be fun, but also a bit daunting if you don’t know what you want. If you wish to design your own walk-in wardrobe, you should first consider your lifestyle and how the setup can best work for you. Some wardrobe design ideas to consider are:

Backlighting, so that you can easily see all your clothes at once, or get dressed in the early morning without turning on the main room lights and waking up a sleeping spouse.


Whether you want a separate shoe and/or accessory compartment for easy access to shoes, belts, ties, sunglasses etc, and how you want to organise your work and weekend wear.

Wardrobe storage

A full-length mirror is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, and not only allows for you to see your whole outfit at once, but also makes the room appear larger when fastened to an external surface of the wardrobe.

Wardrobe Makeover full length mirror

When considering walk in wardrobe ideas, you should also think about making your system as user-friendly as possible. For example, ensuring that your shirts aren’t hanging up too high, or fitting shelves where they are within easy reach. The colours and materials used in the interior and exterior should also be researched, so that the design fits your unique taste and requirements.

For more wardrobe storage ideas, check out Aussie Cut’s huge range of excellent quality hardware. We provide a range of DIY home renovation solutions, including tailor-made wardrobes, available in a wide range of surfaces that are flat packed for your convenience.

Smart Use of Space: Cabinets Vs Drawers

In years gone by, the traditional kitchen set up featured a combination of drawers and cabinets in standardised configurations. However, in recent times, consumers are becoming savvier and are researching the latest trends and innovations before they buy. Whereas once kitchen bench top options were limited to conventional sliding drawers, there are now more user-friendly selections than ever, such as cabinets fitted with smart hardware and inserts.

Aussie cut custom built drawers

Drawers vs. Cabinets

In order to better organise the contents of their kitchen and space-save the smart way, many householders are choosing to tailor this area to their specific needs with a pantry drawer, pull out pantry or drawer cabinet, to name a few. Apart from making your kitchen tidier and easier to navigate, these modern designs are also aesthetically appealing and are sure to help make the process of cooking and cleaning less chaotic.


Cabinets vs. Drawers

More kitchen manufacturers are now thinking outside the box, with sliding shelves fast becoming a top choice for home builders and renovators alike. Instead of trying to fit large and often awkwardly-shaped pots and pans into a square drawer, consider storing them in a corner cabinet or open-base cabinet shelf. The shape and dimensions of corner drawers can also be tailor-made to perfectly stow away your utensils and make more efficient use of your kitchen space.

Custom Kitchen

Many homeowners favour either drawers or cabinets, but if you effectively combine both, you can construct a more liveable, cutting-edge and space-saving kitchen area.

If you are interested in designing or upgrading your kitchen, contact Aussie Cut for a complimentary quote regarding our made-to- fit kitchen creations and cabinet making services.

The Many Benefits of Laminate Benchtops

Laminate bench tops have been a kitchen surface staple for many years, and are only increasing in popularity. This is unsurprising, given the numerous advantages associated with using this sturdy substance. Due to impressive advancements in the manufacture of laminate, the material is fast becoming preferred to stone and granite kitchen benchtops alike.

5 Reasons to Choose Laminate Benchtops


  • Laminate vs. Stone Benchtop Costs


A key reason why many consumers select laminate to create or renovate their kitchen space is the simple fact that it is very affordable when compared to a stone benchtops. Unlike other options (such as marble surfaces), which require a specialised fitting process by experts, laminate is much cheaper to both purchase and to install.  stone vs laminate benchtop


  • Huge Range of Colours & Styles


Another explanation for laminate’s status as a favoured kitchen benchtop is the wide range of design options to choose from. With so many distinct finishes available, it’s easy to customise your kitchen to suit your unique living space and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a matte or lustre stone-effect surface, or a rustic, textured timber appearance, there is a laminate to suit your kitchen.laminate benchtop colours


  • Natural-Looking Finishes   


Another great feature of laminate kitchen benchtops is that they are able to emulate the appearance of other kitchen benchtop materials. For example, if you like the look of timber or stone, you can achieve a realistic effect with laminate, with the added bonus of choosing the shade and texture for a multitude of combinations.laminate benchtop


  • Easy to Clean & Stain-Resistant


Some surfaces (like travertine or granite) are high-maintenance and need great care to avoid being tarnished by wine, citrusy foods, and tea or coffee. Laminate, on the other hand, is hardy, easy to keep clean, and can withstand exposure to acidic spillages. However, care needs to be taken to avoid directly exposing laminate surfaces to high temperatures—always use a heat mat before setting down your boiling utensils. You should also never cut your food on this material without the added protection of a chopping board to avoid any unsightly scratches.laminate benchtop stain resistant


  • Lightweight & Easy to Install


Laminate also makes delivery and set-up straightforward with minimal fuss. Because it is one of the lightest kitchen benchtop materials and simple to fit, this helps keep costs and stress down—making the whole process more pleasant for homeowners and installers alike.lightweight

To find out how a laminate benchtop can maximise your kitchen’s potential, contact Aussie Cut today for a free quote!


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